New Products coming soon

Keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Mother rubbing baby lotion into her baby’s skin

New Products Coming Soon.

No Tears Baby Wash

Contains naturally derived amino acid surfactants to cleanse and moisturise with the drying effect. Makes bathing a calming experience.

Booster Cream

An anti imflammatory cream that contains prebiotics to boost natural skin protection. With nature-based ingredients such as aloe vera, olive and jojoba oils, shea butter and Vitamin E to sooth and moisturise your child’s skin.

Fun Wash

A head-to-toe wash containing nature-based ingredients that will cleanse and moisturise your child’s skin. Bath time is fun time!

Cradle Cap Set

Shampoo and massage oil set made with coconut oil and nature’s moisturising components to help rid of baby’s cradle cap.

Wonder Cream

Made specifically for nipple and nappy rash from nature-based ingredients. To relief life’s little stinkers.


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BaBydoc is a new baby-special brand with products that focus on the best gift ever – your baby, your child, your everything. Our products are formulated by medical professionals, experts in Paediatric and Dermatology, so that you’d know that your precious one will be safe and well cared for.