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Why Daily Care is important


As your child’s immune system is just beginning to develop, harmful chemicals that may be found in artificial skincare products have the potential to penetrate well into the young one’s body and bloodstream.

Chemicals such as preservatives, formaldehyde, colouring and fragrance used in creams may build up in the skin and can disrupt the natural hormones in a child’s body. With the immune system at such an early developing stage, skin rashes may easily be caused by harsh skincare products.

During this young developmental stage, your child’s need for loving physical contact is also especially strong. Bathing them with BaBydoc Gentle Foam and providing them with daily BaBydoc Bio Cream’s moisturizing care offers you an ideal opportunity to shower them with affection. Speak tenderly to them and cuddle them frequently when changing their nappy. Impulses are sent to the nervous system and the brain via the skin, so by doing this, you will be aiding both the physical and the mental development of your child.