Active Allergy Control Covers - Baby Set

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Baby Set (Baby Pillow + Baby Bolster Covers Only)


Protective Bed Covers For Total Elimination Of Mites & Bed Bugs


• Scientifically proven.
• The only product in the world, guaranteed to eliminate mites and bed bugs , 100%.
• Safe for all, including pregnant mothers and babies.
• A soft net: odourless; unseen; unfelt


Specially manufactured bedding covers impregnated with Permethrin.
1. KILL 100% house dust mites in bedding for 2 years.
2. Easy to use – no repeat applications, unlike sprays and powders.
3. No washing – covers does not need to be washed. You just replace with new covers after 2 years.
4. Safe for humans and animals.*
5. Protects against night time allergic attacks.
6. Fewer restless nights! You’ll wake up feeling rested and ready to go.

* Registered for use on humans and animals by the World Health Organization and widely used with confidence in medicated shampoos and skin creams.


Baby Set (Baby Pillow + Baby Bolster Covers Only) - Pillow 30cm (8" x 1") / Bolster 15x45cm (6" x 1'6")